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Get a blueprint for your unique, functional and attractive space
at manufacturer prices within 4 days, thanks to the use of advanced technologies
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The «PLP» company offers a full range of services for creating interior design for premises for various purposes, ranging from design projects for apartments, houses, up to various public spaces.

Our creative team is a union of different worldviews, giving a three-dimensional vision of living and working space. We employ professional architects, designers and artists. The PLP team also works directly with Italian designers who are part of our team.

Our goal is: to individually take into account all your wishes and preferences, competent distribution of space - functional organization of the internal space.

To create practical and elegant interiors accessible to everyone...

Taking your wishes into account, we are looking for the best way to create an interior that reflects your perception of the world...
— From imagination... to implementation
Our multidisciplinary team of architects, architectural technologists, urban designers, interior designers, graphic designers and workspace specialists is effective and incredibly dynamic. Our energy is directed at supporting our customers throughout the service life of the spaces we create.

Each member of our team combines their skills, works in harmony and is devoted towards the achievement of the goals. In addition to compliance with codes of ethics characteristic of our profession, we have established a strict internal code of conduct for our team members. This code establishes clear principles relating to confidentiality, competition, human rights, conflicts of interest, respect for the environment and social responsibility.
  • Albert Sergeev
    «Quality in everything we do»
  • Irina Kudryashova
    Architect And Designer
    «There are no impossible tasks»
    Interior designer
    «Design is like a religion, the main thing is to believe in what you are doing!»
  • Timur Bakhishov
    Architect And Designer
    «Design is a balance between functionality and the emotions it evokes.»
    Lighting designer
    — «Form is always determined by function»
    — «1000 ideas per 1 м²»
  • Sara Ambrosini
    — «Discover a world of limitless solutions»
    Chief Accountant
    — «Accurate solutions with us»
Space-planning design of buildings and structures, design of residential and public spaces
Coordination of the development of all sections of project documentation
for construction or for reconstruction
Equipment for the object - selection of furniture, electrical equipment, decor and textiles
Author's supervision for the construction and progress of implementation of an architectural project
Assistance in coordinating the redevelopment project
Organization of direct supplies of furniture, plumbing and electrical equipment, as well as finishing materials from Europe
Organization of all construction work
Design and visualization of exhibition stands
Furniture making according to individual sketches
Layout on a 3D printer
Architecture of small forms
landscape architecture
Engineering design
Lighting calculation project
3D visualization of the object
Creating the external appearance of an object
Providing a construction team
Procurement support
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What can we offer you?
VIP package implies specific conditions for people who value their time, comfort, and reliability and ready to fully trust professionals. PerLaPrestige Studio Team on the basis of the careful attitude to the time and nerves of our clients takes care of the implementation of the Interior, which will reflect a personality of the customer and his idea of beauty. A customer selecting a VIP package totally frees himself from all problems.

Composition of the VIP package design project:

  • Measurement plan
  • Detailed description of the concept of the interior design, architectural-stylistic solutions, stylistic sketch
  • Planning decisions (3)
  • Detaching plan
  • Partitions erecting plan
  • Plan with arrangement of furniture and plumbing
  • 3D visualization of premises
  • Floors plan with markers, section of the floor on the unique parts
  • Ceiling plan with markers, sections of the ceiling on the unique parts
  • Layout plan of fixtures and distribution of groups to switches
  • Layout plan of outlets, electric outputs and an output of low-current systems
  • Layout plan of plumbing, tile layout, outline of water supply and sewerage systems
  • Binding of ventilation and air conditioning systems (If there is an appropriate project section)
  • Package of drawings with elements of individual manufacturing , scanning of walls with anchors in principal zones
  • Register of areas and types of finishing materials for all premises
  • Register of doorways
  • Register of pieces of furniture
  • Selection of finishing materials with indication of the areas, types and articles for selected items, commercial offer on the main types of finishing materials
  • Selection of furniture and Interior items, specification, commercial offer on selected items
  • Selection of lighting equipment, specification, commercial offer on selected items
  • Selection of doors, specification, commercial offer on selected items
  • Selection of kitchen, equipment, specification, commercial offer on selected items
  • Support of purchases
  • Author's supervision
  • Special offer for the implementation of the project by the construction team
  • Special offer for engineering services
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